Tools to get direct and visual feedback

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Your answer to visually engaging research, simplified. 

Go beyond your traditional survey toolkit, with software that is tailored for efficiency in our digital age. 

Customise All Your Tests

Get feedback with customised design options - ranging from traditional surveys, A/B visual tests, website tests and more!

Operationally simple and intuitive to use, build optimal tests tailored to your objectives and embed with your own flow.

The aimgiving you full control and flexibility.

Real-time Results

Slice and dice with the ability to export data to Excel, our dashboard captures the essence of efficiency and agility. Its overview provides you with real-time results directly from your consumers, handing you the power to uncover the insights you need.

The aim: be where your consumers are and stay ahead of the game by receiving quick, direct and relevant information live.

A Seamless Visual XP

We focus on carving a range of visual tools that enables a beautifully smooth and intuitive user experience for our product managers, product marketers and UI/UX designers. 

The aim: enhance user experience and go beyond traditional surveys to engage/retain your consumers with our visually seamless designs. 

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